Staff Directory


To reach a phone extension, dial 626-2451, press "0" for the main office and
ask for the extension. To e-mail a staff member, please add to the user's e-mail below.

Name  Description Extension E-mail 
Alaimo, Elizabeth Teaching Assistant   ealaimo 
Barnum, Eliana Teaching Assistant
Bonelli, Jennifer Teaching Assistant   jbonelli 
Carubia, Cindy 1st Grade 4380 ccarubia
Cook, Austin  Crisis Intervention Counselor  4343 acook 
Cooke, Nicole  Teaching Assistant   ncooke 
Cummins, Darlene Kindergarten 4308 dcummins
Currey, Shirley Kindergarten 4306 scurrey
Demorest, Kim Cafeteria 4303 kdemorest
DePew, Robin Math 4384 rdepew
Donlin, Kathleen Cafeteria 4303 kdonlin 
Dugan, Loren Teaching Assistant    ldugan 
Dunham, Maria  2nd Grade  4318  mjuliano 
Eck, Debbie    4319  deck 
Fischer, Alison  2nd Grade  4381 afischer
Frumenti, Melissa  Teaching Assistant    mfrumenti
Garland, Ligeia  Speech  4331 lgarland 
Gillis, Sue 2nd Grade 4317 sgillis
Goetz, Anne  Main Office  4309  agoetz 
Gorney, Kim Speech Therapist  4347 kgorney
Greer, Gloria Cafeteria  4303 ggreer 
Gullickson, Anne Special Education 4368 agullickson
Huffman, Annmarie Teaching Assistant   ahuffman
Johnson, Haley    4314 hjohnson
Jones, Gregg Physical Education 4345 gjones
Jones, Marissa  Teaching Assistant/UPK    mjones
Kelder, Katie  Special Education 4327 kkelder 
Kelly, Marie  Teaching Assistant/UPK   
Kortright, Andrea Kindergarten 4307 akortright
Lawrence, Nancy  Teacher Aide    nlawrence
Leipham, Jennifer  OT 4321  jleipham 
Marquis-Serson, Alicia  Speech Therapist  4331  amarquis-serson 
Martinez, Zulma Teaching Assistant   zmartinez
Mayone, Dorothy 3rd Grade  4382 dmayone
Mehalak, Laura  Psychologist  4326  lmehalak 
Mekulik, Rita Teaching Assistant   rmekulik
Mesceda, Carolyn  Custodian   cmesceda
Miller, Joy  Music Teacher 4322  jmiller 
Murphy, Maureen  UPK Teacher 4313 mmurphy 
Nichols, John  Custodian 4312  jnichols
O'Bryon-King, Kelly  Teaching Assistant/UPK 4305   
Pauley, Michele  Remedial Reading Teacher 4332 mpauley
Perez, Carlos Physical Therapist  4321 cperez
Pierro-Eck, Debbie  1st Grade  4319  dpierro-eck 
Protoss, Stephen  Art Teacher 4324 sprotoss
Rowe, Kristin  Special Education 4321  krowe 
Schoonmaker, Mary 3rd Grade 4320 mschoonmaker
Schorr, Stephanie  Teaching Assistant 
Sprenger, Mary  Secretary 4300 msprenger
Stoddard, Rita Nurse 4302 rstoddard
Strauss, Kim  2nd Grade 4383  estrauss
Tupper, Kiersten  Guidance 4304 ktupper
Turner, Catherine Librarian 4310 cturner
VanNorman, Shannon Reading  4329 svannorman
 Principal 4300 jvannosdall
Wikane, Gail Teaching Assistant   gwikane
Young, Linda 1st Grade 4316 lyoung
Zaborski, Donna  Teaching Assistant   dzaborski
Zorn, Ray Custodian  4312 rzorn