Welcome to the New School Year!

Welcome to the New School Year!
Posted on 08/16/2017
Welcome BackWelcome Back! We are very excited to start the new school year.

The world continues to change, and we are continuing to identify and grow the skills our children will need when they go to college or enter the workforce one day!

This seems so far away when a little one is just starting preschool or entering kindergarten, but the foundations in reading, math and cooperative learning they develop now will be critically important in the future.

We utilize the Next Steps in Guided Reading program at all grade levels. The program is engaging and provides teachers with the tools they need to closely monitor the progress of every student. 

In math, we follow the Engage NY curriculum. The Engage NY website has many parent resources. Follow this link for more information: https://www.engageny.org/

We are going to place emphasis this year on number sense and fluency in math. These are critical skills for development of more advanced math concepts. 

We recognize that every child makes progress at their own pace, and that we have to use different strategies for different learning styles.

Working together, we can help every child build literacy and math skills. There are many things you can do to help at home! You can:
- Read with your child for 20 minutes every night, and don't forget to fill out your child's Reading Log! Every month we'll be honoring all of the students who fully complete their reading logs!
- Talk to your child about every-day things. Tell them what you're doing while you're making dinner. Play games that involve imagination. Name all the vegetables in the produce section. Play 'I Spy' in the car. The possibilities are endless!
- Ask your child about the 'word of the day'. Talk about what it means, and use it whenever you can. Come up with a word of the day of your own!
- Practice your child's math facts (addition, subtraction or multiplication, depending on their grade level). 
- Have your child tell you the shapes they see when looking at everyday items when in the car, in the grocery store - wherever you are. 
- Ask your child 'How many?' when looking at groups of items like fruit in your grocery cart, plates at your table, etc. See if they can tell you without counting them out. 'Knowing' how many objects are in a group just by looking at them is an important skill.

Look for more ideas for building your child's literacy and math skills in our monthly newsletter.

We also encourage you to participate in Curriculum Night and Parent Teacher Conferences. 

We welcome your feedback, and wish all of you a wonderful year!       


Mrs. VanNosdall, Principal