School Garden

With help from community members, funding from our PTA and a grant from Assemblyman Cahill’s office, our school garden looks better than ever!
Mr. Ortner has led the development of our school garden for the last two years. With the funds provided, he purchased supplies to rebuild the worn-out raised beds. Mrs. Strauss, second grade teacher, and her family constructed new frames. As you can see, they are beautiful! Many teachers adopted sections of the garden to maintain. Mr. Ortner’s class helped each teacher and their students clear the area of weeds and plant. Many native species from Catskill Native Nursery have been added, including a small orchard, raspberries and more! We could not maintain the garden without ongoing volunteer support. Many thanks to Mr. Ortner, Mrs. Martinez and others who have been stopping in over the summer to water and weed. Want to help out? Please stop in and we will help you complete a brief volunteer form. Once the process is complete, you can stop in during times that work for your schedule. Thank you!