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KES Staff

In 1956, the Kerhonkson High School Basketball Team won its first UCAL Championship against the Saugerties Sawyers.  They were nicknamed “The Mighty Men of Meehan”.  Although they did not win the world championship, they all felt as if they had.  It was said that the team was successful due to their passion and that passion is what wins in life.  That statement has never been forgotten or more present than at this time. 

It is this passion that continues to flourish at Kerhonkson Elementary, the passion to bring students to great levels of success in all aspects of their lives.  The Kerhonkson community has great pride in their school and the investments of time and energy will continue to produce generations of student citizens.  

Kerhonkson, Land of the Flying Goose, may we soar to great heights.